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1.Modified from standard 20ft or 40ft ISO shipping container.
2.Can be added metal polystyrene/polyurethane sandwich wall and roof panels, and PVC floor covering.Door and windows, and vetilation system.
3.The container house is accpeted for shipping worldwide, and we can also supply the inside equipment as cusotmer required.
4.According to your demands, we make customized proposal and quotation for your home.

Wide Application

Warehouse, storage, dormitory, kitchen, shower room, locker room, meeting room, classroom, shop, portable toilet,sentry box, mobile kiosk, motel, hotel, restaurant, and residential houses, temporary office, temporary hospital, dining-room, field and outdoor work station and so on.

Container House Advantages

Long life-span.Up to 20 years.
Prefab, Pre installed electrical and plumbing, time saving.
Movable And Disassemble.Can be separately according to your requirements.Easy install, transport and relocate.
Economical and environment friendly .Short construction period and little workers, can be relocated with no waste.
Convenient transportation, can be transported as a shipping container, or flat packed.
High strength, Live load capacity of roofing:0.5KN/m2.Second floor load capacity:150kg/m2.Load bearing capacity greater than 40tons.Live load of corridor/ balcony/walkway is 2.0KN/m2
Waterproof, fireproof,seismic resist.Its wind resistance Grade 11 (wind speed≤ 111.5km/h) Earthquake resistance:Grade 7, External and internal wall heat transmission coefficient:0.35Kcal /m2hc
Customizable.Various design.
Little requirements on ground.Being tough and flat is OK.

Detailed Parameters

Size:GP20, GP40 and HP40 of shipping container
1StructureStandard  ISO  Container20' GP:6058  x  2438  x  2591mm
40' GP:12192  x  2438  x  2591mm
40 HQ:12192  x  2438  x  2896mm
2Ceiling& WallHigh  Class  DecorationLight  steel  structure  fixed  on  container  corrugated  wall
Plywood  nailed  on  light  steel  structure
Insulation(  PU,   EPS,   Rock-wool  can  be  chosen), Thickness  (50, 70, 75, 100mm  can  be  chosen)
Plasterboard,   cement  board  without  asbestos  etc.Can  be  chosen
ICI  painting  as  finish  (Ceramic  tiles  for  toilet)
Simple  DecorationColor  bond  (color  steel) sandwich panels
Insulation(  PU,   EPS,   Rock-wool  can  be  chosen), Thickness  (50, 70, 75, 100mm  can  be  chosen)
3FloorCustomized50mm  insulation(  PU,   EPS,   Rock-wool  can  be  chosen)
Wood  floor/ bamboo plywood / carpet/  PVC  vinyl etc.Can  be  chosen
4WindowCustomized  (size, type, spot  and  quantity)Sliding  window/European  style  window  etc  (normal  size:875*1000mm)
DoorSliding  door/Solid-wood  door  etc  (normal  size:900*2100mm)
5ElectricityDesign  can  be  provided  according  to  the  related  law  of  the  countryDistribution  boxes  with  breakers
Lights, sockets  &   switches
Wire  (concealed  wiring  for  high  class  decoration)
Water  plumbingFlush  toilet,   shower, pipe  etc
6TransportationBare  transportContainers  are  shipped  as  SOC(shipper  owned  container), plywood  to  seal  the  wall  holes,   and  the  whole  container  to  be  wrapped  by  PVC  film

Customized dimension is welcome.Different size can be made by combine many container together.

Purchase Suggests

1.The size you want,20' 40' or etc...
2.How many rooms do you need, bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom, toilet, balcony etc
3.Requirement of interior decorations etc

Packaging & Delivery

One 40ft HC load 2 sets assembled container house with dimension- 5850mm*2250mm*2500mm

Installation service

* Layout plan can be designed if needed.
* Installation introduction / CD / installation drawing will be provided if needed.
Engineers and workers can be sent abroad for guidance and installation.

All stuff have been preinstalled in the container and you just need put it on site ,connect to electricity and wate

About Us

1.Founded in the year of 2003,professional in various prefab houses and container houses and steel structure making.
2.More than 50 R&D staff and more than 400 workers
3.35, 000 square maters factory, full line production
4.Qualification:CE(DIN18800), ISO9001, BV, SGS;( CSA, AS/NZS, UL etc.)
5.High Construction Efficiency, 
delivery time will be within 20 to 30 days

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