Steel Structure Workshop Buildings Project

Details of steel structure workshop buildings  1.Columns support:Increase the overall stiffness of the roof;reduce the length of chord plane calculated out,save steel;increased lateral stability chord 2.Driving Beam:Main function is fixed brake plate mounted thereon;to reduce service brake vibration caused by dynamic load 3.Corbel:For mounting rails used in car navigation 4.Lighting band:Increase the lighting area We will package goods so it’s easy to put into the containers. We weld rail on the bottom shelf of the goods, then it will be able to smoothly and quickly to load and unload goods. If you still need appliances and other equipment, we can also help you order. Under normal circumstances, the cycle time about from order to delivery, steel structure building is in 30 working days and house is in 7 working days. If you are building in Inner Asia, we can use the land form. If you are not the first case, we can transport goods to the Tianjin port then transportation by sea.